Close-Off Implementation INFOR LN PT Bisnis Sistem Indonesia with PT Cipta Nissin Industries




"Close-Off Implementation INFOR LN PT  Bisnis Sistem Indonesia with

PT  Cipta Nissin Industries"


PT  Business Systems Indonesia (PTBSI) has been carrying out Close Off Implementation ERP INFOR LN PT Cipta Nissin Industries (PT CNI) on Monday, February 15, 2016 is housed in the offices of PT CNI in Cakung area. As the final phase implementation modules for Infor LN, simple ceremony, close off this indicates official Infor LN is used to support the entire operational activities of PT CNI.

As for the modules ERP Infor LN implemented i.e. Procurement, Sales, Warehousing, Tooling, Manufacturing, Finance and Accounting.

Handy Kosasih (Direktur PT CNI) and Wiwin Wangsa (PTBSI) representing both parties convey the impression and hope their co-operation are entwined.

For me this is an historic event because it marks the beginning of our cooperation to continue to innovate, i.e. between CNI and PT PTBSI. I appreciate this partnership, especially since its implementation goes according with the time planned (on time schedule) ", said Mr. Handy initiate speech.

with INFOR LN it, PT CNI find it helpful doing many things. "In terms of reporting, for example, required a system that could generate a quick report, real time and with an attractive appearance. This will be helpful both for internal and external interests i.e. (joint project with partners from other firms) ", Handy added.

Represents the PTBSI management, Mr. Wiwin takes part enthusiastically. "Quick implementation and success of this timely cooperation between CNI and PT PTBSI. For the PTBSI themselves, this makes us more passion again to continue to provide a better service in the future, "said Mr.Wiwin.

Paperless, More Speedy and More Efficient

When mentioned on the reasons of using Infor LN, with straightforward Mr.Handy explains that it is indeed the beginning of all committed to using technological innovation to facilitate operations. As a subsidiary of PT Cipta Indonesiayang Thoroughly engaged in automotive components manufacturing, CNI will pursue many trget projects that require the support of a qualified system.

"The paperless system, we want faster again in taking a decision so that all its operational activities more efficient. Not just for manufacturing operations, but also for other reports such as meeting review. where the report data is extracted from the system also ", added Mr. handy.

Further Mr. handy explained that the need for ERP in the future will be more powerful. "We want to minimize the manual process so that everything can be more controlled. Basically it aims so that the mechanism of the process can be run properly with fast, reliable and reduces the error this certainly also need support in the form of disciplined staff because without expensive software disciplined would be futile, it will not help much, "call Handy. source :

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